Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Quarter Time

I remember piano lessons at the wonderful "sponge" age of seven, learning to play the piano under the expert guidance of my teacher, Mrs. Ammons. She would set the metronome to three quarter time for a waltz and watch as I attempted to keep time. Although there are several, very short tunes that my fingers can play, I never mastered the piano. The sound of a waltz still rings in my head and now each time I hear one, the 123 rhythm still soothes my soul. This shawl uses the Estonian Blossom Stitch pattern. Blossoms and leaves intermingle, joining together in a light and lacey waltz. Gradient color from a very pale, light blue to medium to a sultry evening blue produce a striking result. The featured shawl is graciously modeled by my son's lovely and sweet girlfriend, Wendy in the small size. Chart A uses the lightest shade, Charts B, C, D and E are worked in the medium shade and Chart F completes the dance with the darkest shade.

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