Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barksdale Ferry Road- a circularly knit square

Barksdale Ferry Road is most recent lace project. Weekly walks on our road are pleasant and refreshing. Once part of a pathway for merchants and their horse-drawn wagons, down the hill and past the bubbling creek, this meandering, dirt road was cut within a deep forest setting with one hundred foot tall Oak and Pine trees. Hidden among these massive giants… colorful mosses, ferns, lichens, and the Dogwoods growing freely…with leaves as prominent as their springtime blooms. Through the foliage, glimmering light from the sun peeks through, spreading warmth and life that only nature can provide. Although the road has been virtually chopped up, paved in some areas and eliminated in others, this two mile stretch remains. It has historic value but for me, the joy of a peaceful stroll and discovery of life. Barksdale Ferry Road© is a circular lace pattern, knit from the center, radiating outward and develops into a square. Suitable as a shawl or table covering, the pattern is size adjustable and is finished with a combination centered picot and stretch bind off. Some knowledge of lace knitting and the use of DPNs is helpful. Stitch counts are provided for up to 167 rounds of the stitch pattern. Due to the transition from circular to square, this pattern has written instructions throughout and includes a chart for the repeating stitch pattern section only. As with most circularly knit projects, gauge is determined by the type and weight of yarn and size of needles to be used. This pattern radiates well and can be blocked easily with the use of wires. A combination of knit and various increase/ decrease stitches together for a pleasantly flowing union. As the project progresses, increases at each corner producing additional stitch pattern repeats. The featured project was produced using 750 yards of Handmaiden Seasilk on size 5(US) needles. It finishes at 40” square, 54” diagonal.