Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Egeblad Extension Pattern

The fully extended Egeblad pattern and sample are done!
As I wet blocked, it became very clear that the details were excited by washing and it turned out beautifully.
I chose to maintain the delicacy of the pattern by increasing repeats rather than enlarging the leaf detail. Upon completition, a total of eighty scallops enhance and perfectly finish the fabric. The diameter, using size 4(US) needles and a 3/2 Mercerized cotton came out to 66". I'm sure with needle and yarn variances, it could easily reach 72-78".
Being very pleased with this adaptation, I've decided to work on a designed shawl pattern that is completely my own. Gaining confidence from extending Lace beauties, I hope it will become another addition to the many wonderful and detailed patterns available to knitters...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Valentine Design" Pattern Completed


The Valentine Design Pattern suitable for tablecovers, shawls and blankets is now available!!! You may purchase it from several locations as a PDF download for $8.00, including: PATTERNFISH RAVELRY ETSY or as I've stated before, if you post a comment to the blog, you'll be able to purchase for $7.00. I completed the full version on Friday in a tablecover called "Lilac Hearts". A dear lady in Texas has made the full version into a shawl for her friend's 35th wedding anniversary and it is a beautiful blue! Thanks, Carla! Hopefully, she'll share the photos and will also be working on a blanket, from the pattern for a new baby girl! She tells me that she loves the versatile adaptations within the pattern allowing her to produce items in different sizes. On my personal quest to revive and extend some of the classic Doily patterns, I've decided to do the Egeblad next. I'm not sure what the word, "Egeblad" means and am vaguely sure that it's Danish.....any help would be appreciated! Egeblad is a Danish Surname and although I can't find any history, I suspect that it might have been the name of the original designer. Christine Duchrow highlighted this pattern in one of her books. At any rate, this is a gorgeous lace beauty and will surely be knitted for many years to come. I hope that the extended version will open the doors for shawls, blankets and tablecovers. Well, until next time there's time to post...... Happy Knitting! Mary

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Modified Extended Hemlock Ring Tablecloth

Suitable for cotton, acrylic and blends

The Hemlock Ring pattern creates a beautiful knitted item of heirloom quality. The original pattern has stood the test of time and continues to be a very popular project for thousands of knitters. The Original pattern can be found in several locations on the web. A few months ago, I jumped into the huge barrel of knitters of the Hemlock Ring via a KAL on, which expanded my research to include sites and groups including Ravelry, Brooklyn Tweed and Yahoo. All of these sources have helpful tips and all of the other Hemlock Ring knitters will gladly help you with questions and problems. My first Hemlock Ring was made from the original pattern using Jared Flood's charted extensions and some extensions I added on my own. I completely knitted and bound off #1 and quickly discovered that it could not be blocked using the cotton blend yarn I had chosen.....TLC Cotton Blend is a worsted weight but lighter than most. My final project took about 1400 yards or 8 skeins. I let it sit for a few days, trying to figure out how to finish my project before deciding that it would only be done if I frogged it completely and modified the pattern to adjust to the lack of stretch in cotton, acrylics and blends. I cast on Hemlock Ring #2, leaving out the 4 plain knit still had those "hips" between the increase and decrease sections of the stitch pattern. #2 was frogged and at this point almost became one of those projects that you just discard and chalk up to a total mistake. DING!!! Woke up one morning, shortly thereafter and realized that in order for the "hips" to even out, there would have to be more stitch pattern repeats at cast on. Still skeptical, I cast on Hemlock Ring #3. IT WORKED!!!! So now, I've completed #3 and am proud to post photos of my completed Hemlock Ring #3 . This particular version of the pattern is based on the original located here: And using Jared Flood's charted extended version located here: Remember that the bind off round described in the original pattern is now moved to the bottom of my modified extended instructions. The guage and size of your project will depend on size of needles, weight of yarn/thread fiber and how many rounds you complete. This wonderful, circular lace beauty will be added to the "Doily Revival" and I hope will be passed down further to other generations of knitters. The instructions for my Modified Extended Hemlock Ring version for cottons, acrylics and blends are available for $8.00 and can be instantly downloaded from PATTERNFISH.COM Purchasing from the blog with comment, pattern is available for $7.00. Just post and I'll send you an invoice via Paypal through my personal account. Be sure to note your correct email address on the invoice. Once the invoice is paid and I receive the notice from Paypal, the pattern will be sent via the email address you've provided as an attachment. Just click on the paperclip in the righthand corner of the email. Mary

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valentine Design Tablecloth

Just love this particular design! When I found the book, "First Book of Modern Lace Knitting", I spent hours pouring over the beautiful designs... Lots of large projects and very pretty but this one jumped out and said, "EXTEND ME" and as you know, I am the Extension Queen! An obsession of mine to see if I can do it and get the design to be my own to a certain point. The "Valentine" design is actually a nice, small doily pattern...wasted, I'm afraid. This makes a beautiful tablecloth with the extensions and what daughter or granddaughter wouldn't be proud to display it and brag on the loving, knitting-type mother or grandmother that gave it to them. So proudly, I present this gorgeous heirloom wannabe and hope you'll love it as I do and aspire to knit one for yourself or a loved one. This pattern is now available for download from for $8.00. Purchasing from the blog with comment, pattern is available for $7.00. Just post and I'll send you an invoice via Paypal through my personal account. Mary

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Knit Doily Revival

Don'tcha just love doilies? This one is called, "Egeblad" and this particular doily pattern is one I wrote and knitted with extensions. The original pattern is available free from and the extensions are located on my Ravelry project page- This is another one done in a Rose "flavored" 3/2 100% Mercerized Cotton from Valley Yarns Valley Cotton collection. What wonderful people work at! The attention to detail and your order are carefully packed and shipped with lightning speed. My personal "Doily Revival" all started with me joining a KAL on for the Hemlock Ring. I still haven't completed my Hemlock Ring because I wanted to make it large enough to be a tablecloth and the yarn I used was just not suitable to the original pattern or Jared's(Brooklyn Tweed website)modified version. I further extended Jared's extensions up to round 147. I knitted and completed the entire piece with TLC Cotton Plus and size 6(US) needles. After it was off the needles and ready to be blocked, I realized that it would never lay out entirely flat and with the cotton/acrylic blend, would always have those "hips". Now, anyone who's knitted the Hemlock Ring pattern knows EXACTLY what I mean by hips. So, I am currently testing a modified version of the extended extension (what a mouthful), using the TLC Cotton Plus and will be posting progress and the end results as it is completed. I feel sure that anyone that loves cottons, blends, acrylics and other unstretchable fibers will appreciate my perseverance and quest to make this pattern more user friendly and open more fiber choice doors.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My First Trip to the Zoo with Maddi and some Mother's Day Mush

What a wonderful day it's been! My daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and I all took off today and went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. We left around 9:30am and arrived just in time to wait in line with hundreds of other "Zoo Trippers". I observed hundreds of two, three, four and five year olds, parents and grandparents in tow, with strollers, coolers, sunglasses, all bright eyed with mouths open in awe. The Grizzly Bears were first! Maddi fed a huge Giraffe, who seemed to enjoy the ordeal as much as the kids. The Galapagos Turtle was tremendous and stood patiently as the kids stroked his shell. The coloring on the Toucans and Parrots was just amazing and each looked as if it had been handpainted. Howler Monkeys made good their name. The island Monkey display had several active swingers to the delight of the kids as they swung from limb to limb and rope to rope. The Elephants were huge and dusty, fanning themselves with their ears. Lions, Black Foot kittens and Lionesses were out in view. Maddi found "Nemo" in the aquarium and giggled with joy! She was totally amazed and entertained with all the water animals, including the Sea Lion that swam smoothly around his pool, coming up right where the kids stood, for air. I do believe he'd been enjoying the attention because his need for air just happened to be right at the viewing area. Christie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching as Maddi and Nick, hand in hand, traveled around, seeing the "Next One, Daddy". She was fearless, with Daddy's hand in hers, not afraid to get close to the giraffe and ever consumed by the fish. We ended the trip with a visit to the gift shop, where we purchased a giraffe necklace and brown monkey. All the way home, Maddi talked to both and held them close. One of my Mother's Day gift from these precious people in my life was a framed picture of Maddi, in her Sunday best, blue eyes and sweet little face. The other was a gorgeous card from Christie, telling me how glad she is to have me in her life. As they apologized for not having money to spend on more elaborate gifts, I reflected and told both that their mere presence was all I required to feel the joy of being a mother. And meant every word.......

Monday, March 17, 2008