Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Valentine Design" Pattern Completed


The Valentine Design Pattern suitable for tablecovers, shawls and blankets is now available!!! You may purchase it from several locations as a PDF download for $8.00, including: PATTERNFISH RAVELRY ETSY or as I've stated before, if you post a comment to the blog, you'll be able to purchase for $7.00. I completed the full version on Friday in a tablecover called "Lilac Hearts". A dear lady in Texas has made the full version into a shawl for her friend's 35th wedding anniversary and it is a beautiful blue! Thanks, Carla! Hopefully, she'll share the photos and will also be working on a blanket, from the pattern for a new baby girl! She tells me that she loves the versatile adaptations within the pattern allowing her to produce items in different sizes. On my personal quest to revive and extend some of the classic Doily patterns, I've decided to do the Egeblad next. I'm not sure what the word, "Egeblad" means and am vaguely sure that it's Danish.....any help would be appreciated! Egeblad is a Danish Surname and although I can't find any history, I suspect that it might have been the name of the original designer. Christine Duchrow highlighted this pattern in one of her books. At any rate, this is a gorgeous lace beauty and will surely be knitted for many years to come. I hope that the extended version will open the doors for shawls, blankets and tablecovers. Well, until next time there's time to post...... Happy Knitting! Mary